Full Time Course


The full time campus-based veterinary nursing course is completed in one year and is run at our purpose-built training centre in Technology Park, Bentley, WA.

This intensive one year course is a full time year of study and training and follows a scheduled and structured timetable. Students are required to attend our training centre 4 days a week for 1 week and then spend 3 days a week in a Veterinary Practice the following week.  This cycle continues for 4 school terms.

Due to the nature of this program, our students enjoy a high graduation rate with very strong employment prospects.

Method of Delivery

This program is delivered via face-to-face classroom teaching, group activities/tutorials and practical classes at our modern premises as well as off-site excursions and field trips to various animal related establishments relevant to the students’ training.

The essential on-the-job veterinary nursing practical training is achieved by the placement of the student in a supportive veterinary hospital in which the student receives hands-on training, mentoring, supervision and valuable experience in all aspects of veterinary nursing over the course of the year.  We have over 100 veterinary practices in Perth with which we work closely to ensure quality work experience placements for all of our students.

There are limited places available in the full time program per year.  We run two separate classes, to keep class numbers at a manageable and personable level and this enables us to deliver the highest standard of teaching, giving every student the opportunity to contribute and participate actively in classroom and practical sessions and ensures ongoing tutoring, support and instruction.

Class times and attendance requirements

The full time veterinary nursing course lasts for 1 year, starting in February with students graduating mid-December, qualified and ready for employment.

**Our mid year full time veterinary nursing course begins in July.

The full time classes run for 4 terms, similar to school terms.  Students attend our training centre for 4 days a week (9.00am–4.00pm), for 1 week followed by 3 days a week in the next week at one of our supporting veterinary practices.  This cycle repeats throughout the four school terms.

During term breaks (school holiday times) students are not required to attend class or their work placement (ie the veterinary practice) if all course requirements have been met during school term.


Total Cost for Full Time Program : $13,000

These fees reflect the quality of the full time classroom based course and the continuous tuition and support you receive throughout the program.

The total tuition fees for this program cover the supply of study materials (including 23 modules), text books, surgery attire, name badges, classroom and student facilities, lecturer support and mentoring, field visits, guest lecturers, all practical equipment, work prac placement & training and insurance.

Fees are paid in eight instalments throughout the year as you progress through the course.

Should you join this program you are committed to these fees, even if you choose to transfer to one of our other programs or leave the program. However, should you withdraw from the course you only pay for the term you have studied in, not the full course.

Many students will receive Austudy if studying full time. Some banks offer student loans, where course fees are paid by the bank and students repay the loan only after graduating and starting work.  If you wish to have more information about student loans, approach your bank to see if they offer this service.  Of course many students will fund their own studies or get assistance from family with their fees.

How to apply

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