How does your course and qualification differ from the Vet Nursing Courses at other training providers like TAFE?

All of our accredited courses and TAFE accredited courses share the same qualification upon completion. For example, our Veterinary Nursing course, ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, provides graduates with the same nationally recognised qualification as TAFE offers.

Similarly, all of our animal care courses such as ACM20121 Certificate II in Animal Care provide graduates with the same qualification and benefits as TAFE offers such as meeting the prerequisite for Veterinary Nursing.

So what is the difference between TAFE and AVT courses?

As a private Registered Training Organisation, with 25 years of experience in the Australian Animal Care training industry, our offering to students is uniquely different to that of TAFE and Tech Colleges.

  • We offer a personalised learning experience to students – we know our students by name and get to know each and every one of them!
  • Our training material goes beyond the requirements outlined by the government’s training package. We teach the qualification requirements, and we also teach many other things students need to know to secure a job and be successful in the workplace.
  • Our on-campus class sizes are smaller than larger institutions. This encourages more student participation and also provides more opportunities for students to undertake practical tasks.
  • We only deliver and offer animal care related courses at AVT, meaning everything revolves around animals for us! Whereas other training providers may offer a variety of courses from hairdressing to carpentry.
  • As a private institution, we have more freedom and include more practical classes, incursions and industry visits to make studying more exciting and enjoyable.
  • For Certificate IV veterinary nursing students who are Perth based, we arrange practical work placement in a reputable veterinary hospital or clinic in Perth.  We have long-standing relationships with over 120 vet practices in Perth that support our students throughout their studies.
  • Veterinary clinics and hospitals request our graduates due to their skills, knowledge and practical experience.
  • For many of our courses, our screening process is detailed and extensive as each of our students is hand-picked from a pool of applicants before being offered a position on the course. This means students will be surrounded by a highly motivated and engaged group of people.
  • We provide all students with mentoring and support outside the classroom to assist each student in successfully completing their course.

Will completing an AVT course instead of a TAFE course affect my qualification?

No, upon successful completion, both our courses and TAFE courses grant the same qualification. The qualification is recognised by industry bodies and employers. The difference lies in our delivery approach and industry focus as mentioned above.

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Why choose AVT?

Dedicated Animal Care College

AVT has been delivering Vet Nursing and Animal Care related courses for over 25 years. It's safe to say there are no plumbing or hairdressing courses here!

Prerequisite course for veterinary nursing

Outstanding Track Record

A recent NCVER VET student outcomes report found 93% of AVT graduates were employed or enrolled in further study after training and 95% of graduates would recommend the training provided by AVT.

Prerequisite course for veterinary nursing

Safe and Supported Learning

Our qualified teaching team have many years of experience as well as extensive backgrounds in the veterinary and animal care industry. They're approachable and dedicated to helping students succeed.

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