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Top 7 Reasons to Pursue a Career in the Veterinary Industry

When considering a career, there are so many options. You can work with people, technology, products, or some combination of these. However, when you add animals in the mix, you might truly find something that is rewarding, challenging and highly desired by others.  Whether you’re seeking your first career or looking for a change, there are a number of opportunities across the animal care industry that vary in species, the type of contact you have with animals and with people. With the right training and education in place, you could also find yourself working alongside the most passionate and inspiring people you have ever worked amongst.  Here are 7 reasons to consider a career path that involves helping animals.

1. You spend time with animals every day

If you’re even considering a career related to animals, it’s very likely that you’re an animal lover. In this case, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to spend time with all kinds of animals every day. Not many people are lucky enough to be able to surround themselves with the things they love during work hours.

2. A field with strong and consistent demand

One of the benefits of a career helping animals is the strong and consistent demand for jobs. According to the current Job Outlook, opportunities for roles such as veterinary nurses in Australia are projected to grow strongly over the next 5 years. Some careers depend on technological trends for growth and stability and many of these are being disrupted and replaced.  However, in the veterinary industry we are not finding this to be the case. Instead people with pets are increasingly seeking the services of qualified and skilled professionals to help keep their pets healthy and well. 
Choosing a career with animals in Australia

3. Interesting and diverse workdays

When you have a job working with animals, it is unlikely you will complain about carrying out tedious and repetitive tasks, day in and day out. Instead, you will likely encounter a variety of animals including cats and dogs, reptiles, birds, native animals, and a wider range of smaller animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. All of these have very different needs and require your attention in many different ways. 

If you are a veterinarian, veterinary nurse or assistant you will also deal with stressful and sometimes uncomfortable situations. An owner might bring in a pet that’s been in an accident, has suffered a bad injury or is suffering from a life threatening illness. Each patient will have individual needs and require you to use different skills and levels of expertise.   

While the job isn’t always easy, it won’t be routine or boring. If you’re looking for a career that offers both consistent and diverse tasks and challenges, working with animals might be just right for you. 

4. You can get qualified quickly

In order to pursue a career such as a veterinary nurse, you need the right qualifications. Pursuing a career in this field takes some rigorous study. At the same time, you can earn your qualifications reasonably quickly. For example, if you would like to become a qualified veterinary nurse and meet the prerequisite for the qualification ACM40418 Certificate IV In Veterinary Nursing, you can complete the course in as little as 1 year.  If you want to study online, it will take a little longer.

This is unlike many professional careers requiring you to spend three or more years to achieve a degree or certification.

A career in animal care and veterinary nursing provides an opportunity to start working as a professional more quickly than in many other fields. 

5. The satisfaction of helping people  

When you work as a veterinarian, veterinary assistant or veterinary nurse you will play an essential role in educating pet owners about pet care. For example, providing advice on optimal diets, medication, wound care, managing long-term illness and training and enrichment.

In many cases, the care and advice you provide will improve and save the lives of animals. The comfort you provide animals and their owners is a source of pride and satisfaction that you won’t find in many other careers.

careers in the veterinary industry

6. You’ll keep learning and growing

As a professional who works with animals, there’s no end to what you can learn. The medical sciences, including veterinary nursing, are constantly advancing. You’ll learn a great deal in your training and even more once you begin your career. However, it doesn’t stop there. As you apply your knowledge, you will gain experience and learn from more experienced people. You will also have a chance to keep up with the latest advances, such as new drugs and procedures to keep animals healthy. This is a career where you will never stop learning and honing your skills. 

7. You have many career options

You may want to obtain qualifications to get a job as a veterinary assistant, veterinary nurse, or even higher. These are all excellent options if you want to work in a veterinary practice. There are, however, many other potential career paths as well. When you have knowledge of animal care, you can work in pet stores, zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums, equestrian centres, and more. Learn more about careers with animals here.

Whether you work for yourself or seek a position, you can take your skills to just about any location.  If you’re looking for a career that’s exciting, diverse and gives you the chance to interact with all kinds of people as well as critters, animal care is worth considering. Jobs in this field are not going to disappear regardless of economic conditions or new technology trends. Taking care of our non-human friends is a rewarding and fulfilling career path.

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