Our nationally recognised ACM20117 Certificate II in Animal Studies is a pre-vocational qualification aimed as an entry point in the animal care and management industry.  On completion you can choose to start your career in the animal care industry or move on to a higher level qualification.

What you will learn

Throughout the course you will complete 12 units of study covering a broad range of topics relating to the principles of working in the animal care industry. You will become competent in:-

  • Following and implementing animal feeding plans
  • Carrying out animal care hygiene routines
  • Assisting with the health assessment of animals
  • Administering basic animal first aid techniques
  • Safely and correctly handling and restraining animals
  • Identifying and interpreting animal behaviour
  • Accurately completing animal care records
Certificate 2 in Animal Studies Course - Starting your career

Who is this course ideal for?

This is the perfect entry level course if you have:-

  • little or no prior knowledge or experience in the animal care industry,
  • a genuine interest in the welfare and care of animals.

How will you study?

You can choose! Our ACM20117 Certificate II in Animal Studies is offered via three study options.  All courses combine easy to understand theory with a practical placement in the animal care industry.


How will you gain hands-on experience with animals?

To gain the valuable practical skills required to successfully complete this course and start a career in the animal care industry, you will be required to complete workplace based training (Work Placement).  If you are studying our online course option, you will spend time in an approved animal care organisation of your choice.  If you are studying our intensive option your work placement is pre-organised and included in the course.

Ideal work placement facilities include kennels, catteries, doggy day care centres, animal welfare shelters, pet shops (with animals), wildlife rehabilitation centres or zoos. For more information visit Course Delivery Overview  and Practical Work Placements in Animal Studies

Dedicated Animal Care College

AVT has been training Animal Care and Vet Nursing students for over 20 years. It's safe to say there are no plumbing or hairdressing courses here!

Prerequisite for Vet Nursing

ACM20117 Certificate II in Animal Studies is a prerequisite for ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Completing our Animal Studies course is the best pathway to becoming a Qualified Vet Nurse.

Safe and Supported Learning

Our qualified teaching team have many years of experience as well as extensive backgrounds in the veterinary and animal care industry. They are approachable and dedicated to helping students succeed.

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ACM20117 Certificate II in Animal Studies - 2021 - General Public

Animal Care at the Cat Haven and Greyhounds as Pets

ACM20117 - Intensive Course - Animal Care (September 2021 Intake)

Vet Nursing Pathway


Zoo and Wildlife Care

ACM20117 – Intensive Course – Zoo and Wildlife Care

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The AVT Difference

Here's just a handful of reasons why students choose AVT:-

  • We know our students by name not by number!
  • We are a dedicated animal care college. No plumbing or hairdressing courses here!
  • Our students have a high graduation and employment rate
  • Employers request our graduates - we are trusted and respected
  • Our course material is written by Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses and Animal Scientists who are employed directly by AVT
  • Our insurance policy protects¬†students throughout Australia during their workplace practical training
  • We are an independent animal care and veterinary nursing registered training organisation (RTO). We do not have third party arrangements with other training providers to acquire content or distribute qualifications. We develop and deliver our own course material so you get the latest and most up-to-date knowledge.

At AVT, we combine a high standard of theoretical knowledge with intensive practical training. This allows you to gain the competence and confidence required for an exciting and rewarding career in a variety of animal care careers. Still not sure?? Read our Facebook student reviews!

Applied Vocational Training - Vet Nurse and Animal Studies Training RTO

What students say about our course

AVT Animal Studies Review by Student

"The study modules for the Certificate III were structured in a way that made them extremely interesting and easy to understand. Throughout the courses, I gained an insight into the day-to-day running of animal care facilities and was able to build-up my practical experience through my work placement at a native animal rehabilitation facility."

Hayley Wilson ‚Äď Certificate III in Animal Studies Graduate




Are you choosing a Registered Training Organisation?

AVT is fully registered by the Australian Government training registration authority ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) and the qualification offered is the nationally recognised Certificate II in Animal Studies. We are supported and endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Association. Our registration authority can be viewed on the training.gov.au website, which is the Australian Government‚Äôs website for details of registered courses and training providers ‚Äst View our details here. We recommend you search the training.gov.au website for any training organisation you maybe considering.

Australian Nationally Recognised Qualification

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The new ACM training package was released on the 29th November 2017. ACM20110 has been superseded by ACM20117.  Read more here