Do I have to attend lessons?

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Animal Care and Animal Studies

Certificate II in Animal Care and III in Animal Studies are Online Courses with the exception of the on-campus courses below:

For the online courses, you do not need to attend lessons. A majority of your study will take place at home, online. You will also need to attend an approved workplace to complete practical training. All assessments are completed and submitted online.

Horse Care

Our Certificate in Horse Care is an Online Course. You do not need to attend lessons and you can carry out all of your studies from home. You will also attend practical training at a horse care facility where you will complete assessments and skills worksheets. All assessments are then completed and submitted online.

Veterinary Nursing

Our Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing course is offered in either an online eLearning mode or on-campus mode.  If you are applying for the on-campus mode, you will be expected to attend classes at our campus each week throughout the term.  If you are applying for the online mode, you do not need to attend classes.

All online eLearning students from both Animal Studies, Horse Care and Veterinary Nursing qualifications are invited to attend workshops throughout the year. These helpful training sessions provide practical experience and give you face to face access to our lecturers and tutors. Workshops are held at our campus in Perth, Western Australia. For more information visit our Workshops Page


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