How am I assessed during my practical placement?

You will receive a Practical Skills Workbook containing a logbook and all the practical assessments you are required to complete during your placement.

Practical assessments include ‘Workplace Assignments’ which include activities such as case studies, photographs, written descriptions of workplace procedures and video evidence of practical tasks. These assessments are designed to see how well you are able to apply the information covered in the theory component of each unit.

Each unit also includes ‘Practical Skills Worksheets’ outlining various tasks that you are expected to complete during your placement, with each task signed off by a supervisor once it has been successfully completed. All practical assessments must be submitted to us via our online learning platform for assessment by one of our tutors.

A student attendance record is also included in the Workbook and this must be signed by your supervisor to confirm that you have completed the required number of hours during a placement.

During your placement, we will also contact your supervisor to obtain feedback on your performance. This feedback will then be relayed to you.

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