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This self-paced program is designed for students who are unable to attend classroom based lectures. Students have up to 3 years to complete their qualification via this method.

This program is available to anybody living in Australia as well as overseas. (We have students who have graduated from as far as away as Ireland, Japan, Singapore and South Africa.) However, for your practical training, students will need access to a veterinary practice at certain times during their course.

If you are already working in a practice you will do your practical training in that practice.

If you live outside the Perth metropolitan area, you will be required to locate a veterinary practice who will support your training, either as an employee or volunteer. Access to a veterinary hospital must be arranged by the student prior to a place in the course being offered.


Method of Delivery

Online materials: The correspondence program gives you access to all learning materials and modules via our online learning system, Moodle as well as all power point presentations of lectures delivered on campus at the time.  You do not attend lectures.

The program is set up for you to enrol in and study one module at a time, working through the learning material, supplemented with the required textbook and recommended references. Assessments and assignments are submitted via our online learning system. Support is available to you via the telephone, email or skype. Our training centre is open during both the school terms and most school holidays.

Workshops:To complement the theoretical knowledge of some of the more technical subjects, you are required to complete several Workshops in the areas of Anaesthesia, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Nursing and Clinical Pathology.
These Workshops can be completed either within practice (if there is time and supportive staff to help the student with the tasks required) or alternatively, we run these workshops several times a year at our training centre, in Bentley.

To view information and dates for upcoming workshops, CLICK HERE

Workplace training: In addition to completing your theory modules, you are required to attend to your practical training in the veterinary practice you work or attend. You are required to attend a practice for at least 320 hours to meet your practical training requirements.

For those employed in practice, this will usually be done as part of your normal work. For those not employed, the practice with which you have made arrangements will need to commit to these hours of work experience and training.


Total Cost for Correspondence Program : $6,500

In the correspondence program, you pay as you go,  ie module by module.

To start the program you are required to enrol in the first module and the Course Administration Fee. When the first module is complete, you then move on and enrol in the next one.

When ready to attend a Veterinary work placement, you enrol in the Veterinary Practice Enrolment and pay for the practical training placement before attending. Please note that fees for Veterinary Practice placements are greatly reduced for students already employed in a practice.

If you live within the Perth metropolitan area, this work placement training will be organised for you by AVT.

Other costs will include : the recommended required textbook, a stethoscope, thermometer, some protective clothing/surgical attire and registration with the Veterinary Surgeons Board (if in WA, only). You should allow up to $500 for these items.

All modules are available on-line, but hard copies can be purchased if required.

There are no contracts, and you are free to leave the program if you wish without any penalty.

How to apply

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