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Correspondence Program

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing (ACM 40412)

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This self-paced program is designed for students who are unable to attend classroom based lectures. Students have up to 3 years to complete their qualification via this method.

This program is available to anybody living in Australia as well as overseas. (We have students who have graduated from as far as away as Ireland, Japan, Singapore and South Africa.) However, for your practical training, students will need access to a veterinary practice at certain times during their course.

If you are already working in a practice you will do your practical training in that practice.

If you live outside the Perth metropolitan area, you will be required to locate a veterinary practice who will support your training, either as an employee or volunteer. Access to a veterinary hospital must be arranged by the student prior to a place in the course being offered.


Method of Delivery

Online materials: The correspondence program gives you access to all learning materials and modules via our online learning system, Moodle as well as all power point presentations of lectures delivered on campus at the time.  You do not attend lectures.

The program is set up for you to enrol in and study one module at a time, working through the learning material, supplemented with the required textbook and recommended references. Assessments and assignments are submitted via our online learning system. Support is available to you via the telephone, email or skype. Our training centre is open during both the school terms and most school holidays.

Workplace training: In addition to completing your theory modules, you are required to attend to your practical training in the veterinary practice you work or attend. You will need to complete at least 500 hours in a veterinary practice to meet your practical training requirements.

It is strongly recommended that you attend a veterinary practice on a regular basis throughout your studies, eg one day a week or one day a fortnight in addition to several week or two week blocks to consolidate your skills-based training and competence in all aspects of veterinary nursing.

For those employed in practice, this will usually be done as part of your normal work. For those not employed, the practice with which you have made arrangements will need to commit to these hours of work experience and training.


Our total course cost includes enrollment and all materials required to complete the course; text book, stethoscope, thermometer, name badge and scrub top.

There are three payment options to choose from to suit individual circumstances and study requirements
Option One
Full course fees paid up front – One upfront payment of $6125 including all materials

Our most cost effective option. The course fee is locked in and not subject to change. Represents a $315 discount off our Pay As you Go structure based on current prices

Option Two
Payment plans – Choose to pay for your course over 12 or 24 months depending on your desired study load(you may be eligible for Government fee assistance should you opt for 12 month study mode). Prices not subject to change once payment plan has commenced.

Payment plan 1: Enrollment fee of $345 then 12 monthly payments of $490. Total course cost $6225.Including all materials


Payment plan 2: Enrollment fee of $345 then 24 monthly payments of $249.Total course cost $6325. Including all materials

Option Three :

Pay as you go – Course cost $6440 plus $350 for resources and materials
Purchase modules when you want to. *Prices subject to change
Fee Assistance

Should you choose to study full time (nominal hours 20 hours per week for 12 months) you may be eligible for Austudy or similar Government assistance.

How to apply

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