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Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing (ACM 40412)

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Our nationally recognised Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to commence your career as a veterinary nurse or to gain national qualifications as an experienced professional.

Taking your love of animals and a desire to seek a professional career in caring for animals, this course will provide you with the necessary hands on skills and theoretical knowledge to work in the veterinary and animal care industry.  

This self-paced program is designed for students who are unable to attend classroom based lectures. Students have up to 2 years to complete their qualification via Supported Online eLearning.

This program is available to students living in Australia as well as international students overseas. We have successful graduates from as far as away as Ireland, Japan, Singapore and South Africa.

If you live outside the Perth metropolitan area, you will be required to locate a veterinary practice who will support your practical training, either as an employee or volunteer. Access to a veterinary hospital must be arranged by the student prior to a place in the course being offered.

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing also provides a pathway from Certificate III in Animal Studies and Certificate IV in Companion Animal Studies providing you with the vital skills to undertake and assist in clinical duties such as pathology, radiology and procedures relating to managing medical cases.

Due to the level of our course material, our students consistently enjoy a high graduation rate with very strong employment prospects. Once completed, your Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing will be recognised and required in Australia to work as a qualified and registered Veterinary Nurse.

Our company is fully registered by the Australian Government training registration authority ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) and the qualification offered is the nationally recognised Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. We are supported and endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Association. Our registration authority can be viewed on the website, which is the Australian Government’s website for details of registered courses and training providers –  View our details here.

About the Supported eLearning Course

  • Duration – up to 2 years to complete your qualification at your own pace
  • Delivery method – online access to learning centre with full support of our educators via phone, email or skype.
  • Assessment methods: Our assessment tools range from online assignments and tests, oral testing via telephone or skype, case studies, video submissions of practical tasks and on-site face-to-face testing (if location permits). 
  • Pre-organised practical training in a veterinary practice and arranged by our supervised work practice placement program for Perth, WA students. For non-WA residents we supply our Work Practical Placement guide, a comprehensive package to assist you in securing a work placement in your local area.
  • Attendance on campus is not required.
  • Course commencement at any time of year to suit student and subject to support from a Veterinary Practice

Method of delivery

The Supported eLearning program gives you access to all learning materials and modules via our online learning system, as well as all presentation materials from lectures delivered on campus at the time.  You do not attend lectures.

The program is set up for you to enrol in and study one module at a time, working through the learning material, supplemented with the required textbook and recommended references. Assessments and assignments are submitted via our online learning system. Support is available to you via the telephone, email or skype. Our training centre is open during both the school terms and most school holidays.

In addition to completing your theory modules, you are required to attend to your practical training in the veterinary practice you work or attend. You will need to complete at least 500 hours in a veterinary practice to meet your practical training requirements.

It is strongly recommended that you attend a veterinary practice on a regular basis throughout your studies, eg one day a week or one day a fortnight in addition to several week or two week blocks to consolidate your skills-based training and competence in all aspects of veterinary nursing.

For those employed in practice, this will usually be done as part of your normal work. For those not employed, the practice with which you have made arrangements will need to commit to these hours of work experience and training.

Entry requirements

IMG_1900In selecting students for our programs, our main consideration is your aptitude for working in this particular field. Although experience in an animal-related industry is favourable, it is not essential. However, in selecting students we consider three criteria.

      1. Your academic ability to study at this level
      2. Exposure to Animal Care
      3. Your suitability to Veterinary Nursing

For more information on our selection criteria read more


You can choose from two payment options to suit your individual circumstances as detailed in the table below.

When you enrol for our course you will also receive a Vet Nurses Resource Pack including:-

  • Our comprehensive Study Guide (electronic)
  • BSAVA Veterinary Nursing Textbook 5th Edition
  • Comfortable, FDA approved stethoscope
  • Livingstone digital thermometer
  • AVT scrub top
  • Personalised trainee name badge
  • Your first module enrolment key.
Payment OptionEnrolment FeeTuition FeeDueTotal Fees Payable
Payment Plan*$545$5,880$490 x 12 monthly payments$6,425
Pay-as-you-go^$545$6,170Per module as required
Enrolment fee includes first module
*Payment plan prices not subject to change once payment plan has commenced.  ^Pay-as-you-go prices subject to change throughout the duration of your course.

Fee Assistance

Should you choose to study full time (nominal hours 20 hours per week for 12 months) you may be eligible for Austudy or similar Government assistance.  See for more information

How to apply

Apply today using our online or paper based application form. Select “Apply Now” to get started.




Why study with AVT?

        • High graduation and employment rate of previously certified students
        • Choose your pace by selecting from one of our flexible study options; full-time, part-time or supported e-Learning courses to suit your own work and home commitments.
        • Topics cover a range of animal species and you can choose your areas of special interest
        • Know you are on track. We engage in regular student feedback and submit assessment and assignment results within 7 days of receipt so you know you are on track
        • Quality course material developed by veterinary professionals and are constantly being revised with the latest techniques and information in veterinary and animal care science.
        • Outstanding support by both our educators and our dedicated student support officer for everything from one-on-one coaching to IT support.

AVT qualified veterinary nurses and animal care professionals have been successfully employed in the animal services industry since 1999


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