Course Content

There are two main components to our training for a nurse to become qualified and obtain the Certificate IV of Veterinary Nursing:

Knowledge Component

Practical Training

Knowledge Component (Theoretical Studies)

All of our students are required to complete the following modules (study guides) during their course.
These units are internal units of study and closely follow a national training program developed by Veterinarians to provide a quality knowledge base for Veterinary Nurses.

Care of Dogs & Cats Animal Nutrition and Feeding
Veterinary Medical Nursing 1 Veterinary Medical Nursing 2
Working Safely with Animals Veterinary Clinical Pathology 2
Animal Structure & Function (Anatomy & Physiology) Veterinary Surgical Nursing 2
Veterinary Clinical Pathology 1 Veterinary Anaesthetic Nursing 2
Veterinary Surgical Nursing 1 Veterinary Imaging 2
Animal Behaviour Business Operations (Animals)
Veterinary Anaesthetic Nursing 1 Small Business with Animals
Veterinary Imaging 1 Dog and Cat Reproduction
Welfare, Ethics and Legislation Veterinary Pharmacy
Animal Diseases Veterinary Dental Nursing
 Veterinary Practical Training Unit  Emergency Veterinary Nursing

Full time and Part time students will complete all of these modules over the duration of their course (ie one year for full time students and two years for part time students). In addition they will complete studies in animal care of varied species and reception training.
Correspondence students progress through each of the modules at their own pace, ideally completing at least one module per month.

Practical Training and Assessment

Full time students:

Attend a Veterinary Practice which AVT arrange for you, three days every second week during term times. Other practical training occurs during the normal class times and visits to outside facilities.

Part time and Correspondence students: 

Attend a Veterinary Practice for a minimum of 500 hours over the duration of your course.

Students employed in a practice would expect to do this as part of their normal workload.  If attending practice on a voluntary basis, your attendance would be organised by mutual agreement between the hospital, yourself and our training centre. Your practical training can be arranged as one day a week throughout your studies or as blocks. eg 2 weeks every few months depending on your availability.

Part time students attend a veterinary practice which AVT arrange for you.

Correspondence students are required to secure a veterinary practice workplace who will support your practical training, prior to commencing the course.


The Qualification you receive

The national recognised qualification requires us to certify that you have completed components of a training package. These units are completed by studying our knowledge-based theory modules and competently passing the practical training and assessment. On completing your course with us you will be awarded the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and a statement indicating completion of the units we use to achieve this qualification.

The latest version of the training package can be   downloaded here   (it will be in PDF format)
This document covers all aspects of animal care training. The relevant section to your studies will be the ACM40412 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Details of individual units found in the training package can be found by visiting, which in the Australian Government Website for registered training courses and providers.
Search for veterinary nursing to obtain more detail.

National Award Units (Please Read)

Please follow this link to see how our modules relate to the official Units of Competence.