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Certificate II and Certificate III in Animal Studies Qualifications replaced with updated training packages ACM20121 and ACM30122

New packages to meet the needs of today’s animal care industry

Two new courses have been released that better reflect current industry practices and terminology and provide students with real-life skills to work in the expanding animal care and management sector. The new ACM20121 Certificate II in Animal Care is an upgraded version of the current ACM20117 Certificate II in Animal Studies, with changes to core and elective units.  The new ACM30121 Certificate III in Animal Care Services is an amalgamation of three previous packages, including the current ACM30117 Certificate III in Animal Studies.  These new and updated training packages have been developed in consultation with the industry to ensure students are well-equipped and skilled for work in a broad range of animal care and management environments. 

Current status of AVT courses

ACM20121 Certificate II in Animal Care is already available at AVT and ACM30121 Certificate III in Animal Care Services will be available in the near future. Completion of either course provides a pathway into our Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing by meeting the prerequisite for ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing 

Transition Period for Animal Care qualifications

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) have 24 months to transition to the new training packages, with a deadline of 12 April 2023. Keep reading to find out what it means for current and new students at AVT.

New ACM20121 Certificate II in Animal Care

The new ACM20121 Certificate II in Animal Care is already available. We will cease delivery of the old training package (ACM20117) on 12 April 2023, in line with government guidelines.

I am already enrolled in the current Certificate II in Animal Studies. What does this mean for me?

Given the Certificate II is a one-year course, those students currently enrolled will have plenty of time to complete their studies and receive the current qualification. However, it is important to note there will be no opportunity to apply for an extension, given the imminent roll-out of the updated package.

I am a high school student and I have two years to complete a Certificate II. What does this mean for me?

High school students will be able to complete the current course, provided they have all assessments marked and certification achieved by the deadline of 12 April 2023.

Can I transfer to the new Certificate II in Animal Care?

There is an option to transfer to the new course and seek direct credits for units of study already completed. Please talk to us about your options.

If the current qualifications are being replaced, will they still be recognised in the industry?

Yes, the current course will still provide an industry-recognised qualification.

New ACM30122 Certificate III in Animal Care Services

The new ACM30122 Certificate III in Animal Care Services is significantly different to the previous ACM30117 Certificate III in Animal Studies. This new, two-year qualification amalgamates study areas previously covered under three different training packages (ACM30117, ACM30417 and ACM30617). It is open to students who are working in the animal care industry. Most notably, the new Certificate III in Animal Care Services has been expanded to 17 units to give students an opportunity to choose electives and specialise in one of three key industry areas:

  • Animal care
  • Pet grooming
  • Customer service

I am already enrolled in the current Certificate III in Animal Studies. Can I transfer to the new course?

Yes, you can apply to transfer to the new course in 2022. A maximum of 8 units, if completed as part of the current Certificate III, can be credited to the new course (additional fees may apply). This will leave 10 units to complete.

What are the benefits of completing the new Certificate III in Animal Care Services?

There is more content in the new course, with a renewed focus on animal and human welfare. All assessments are undertaken in the workplace, providing real-life experience and validation of skills. For an overview of AVT’s animal care and management courses, visit our Qualifications Overview Page. 

For more information about the Certificate III changes visit our FAQ

What to do if you are interested in pursuing a career in animal care

If you would like to take your passion for helping animals to the next level, the best thing to do is reach out to Australia’s most trusted animal care training providers. For over two decades, Applied Vocational Training (AVT) has helped aspiring animal care professionals realise their dreams by providing the highest quality career training. If you love animals, are considering volunteering to work with them or a career in animal care, gaining a nationally recognised qualification is the best place to start. 

About AVT

We have been training animal care, animal behaviour and training, equine care and veterinary nursing students for over 25 years in Australia. Students who undertake AVT courses range from high school-aged students just starting their pre-vocational journey right through to mature-aged students seeking an alternative career path. Graduates are highly respected and sought after by industry professionals, businesses and organisations. If you want the background knowledge and skills to help you secure your career in the animal care industry, check out our qualifications here or gain new skills by studying one of our short courses.

Why choose AVT?

Dedicated Animal Care College

AVT has been delivering Vet Nursing and Animal Care related courses for over 25 years. It's safe to say there are no plumbing or hairdressing courses here!

Prerequisite course for veterinary nursing

Outstanding Track Record

A recent NCVER VET student outcomes report found 93% of AVT graduates were employed or enrolled in further study after training and 95% of graduates would recommend the training provided by AVT.

Prerequisite course for veterinary nursing

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Our qualified teaching team have many years of experience as well as extensive backgrounds in the veterinary and animal care industry. They're approachable and dedicated to helping students succeed.

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