Top 3 questions about working in a zoo

Top 3 Questions about Working in a Zoo

We are frequently asked the question “How can I get a job working in a Zoo?”. In this video our Qualified Trainer and Assessor, and previous Zoo Keeper at Taronga Zoo, Carina talks about how she got her first job in a zoo.

Conflict management in the veterinary industry

7 tips to Manage Conflict in an Animal Care Team

When you choose an animal care related vocation, it is likely you will be required to work as part of a small team. Animal care teams are often required to deal with a variety of situations, sometimes chaotic, sometimes emotional and often stressful.

How to find volunteer work with animals

How to Find Volunteer Work with Animals in Australia?

If you love animals and have been considering a career working with animals, then volunteering is a fantastic way to get started. You can work close to home with familiar animals such as dogs and cats or, in a country as large and diverse as Australia, there is also a wealth of opportunities to work with wildlife.

Bad study habits for animal care, horse care and vet nursing students

How to Identify Bad Study Habits

For as long as you can remember, you have loved animals. And, for almost that long, you have dreamed about a career in the animal care industry.

Animal Care jobs - vet nurse

Top 6 Animal Care Careers

Working with animals is not just limited to one field, such as veterinary nursing. It involves a diverse range of rewarding roles and career pathways to cater for all interests, skill level and abilities.

Resume writing for vet nurses and horse and animal carers

A Career in Animal Care: Creating the Perfect Resume

Are you as good with words as you are with animals? Can you craft a resume to win your perfect job. In the highly competitive world of animal care, a dream job doesn’t sit around waiting for applicants. Learn our top tips on how to write a job winning resume.

Salary and job pay conditions for animal care careers

Top Careers Working With Animals and Salary Expectations in Australia

For many people, working with animals is a chance to spend their days doing something they would be happy to do even without a salary. If you love animals, there is no greater reward than to dedicate your life to helping them, learning about them, and spending time with them.

Courses working with animals - how to study and juggle work

7 tips to Juggle Work and Study in the Animal Care Industry

If you are preparing and studying for a career in animal care, you have made a great decision. The animal care industry is continually growing, with a diverse range of job options available and career paths that can be both interesting and rewarding.

Courses and study for working with animals

Want to follow your passion and get your dream job?

You can start today and register for one of our nationally recognised qualifications across a broad range of animal related areas. Whether you want to work with dogs, cats, horses, large animals, wildlife including native mammals or smallies such as including exotics, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice, you can start your career pathway with AVT. Learn about our qualifications. 

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Our online course provides the most flexibility for students who are not based in Perth or who wish to combine their studies with work or other commitments.
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Animal Care (Vet Nursing Pathway)

This is an intensive 10 week program delivered via blended learning where students focus on developing skills and knowledge to prepare them for our Certificate in Veterinary Nursing or to work as an Animal Attendant in a veterinary hospital.

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Vet Nursing Pathway

Students enjoy a combination of practical training and classroom activities at our simulated veterinary hospital in Clarkson.
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