Accessing Course Material and Submitting Assessments

Downloading Modules

All of our study modules are available for download. They are in PDF format (see notes below). You can order these by enrolling using one of the methods described in our enrolment page.

Once we have received your enrolment, you will sent an email with details of a password protected web page you can download your module. Your mentor will be advised how to download any tests applicable to the module.

Sending us Assessments

You can send your completed assessments to us via email. You can print out assessments from your study guide, scan and attach them to an email. If you wish to complete them without printing, read the notes on PDF editing described below. All tests downloaded are in PDF format (see notes below). Once we receive an assessment, we print it and one of our team will mark it, and it then is scanned and emailed back to you with our comments.

Please email all marking to

Contact us if you need any assistance.

Your results and progress

Your results are sent to you via email four times per year. You also will receive a copy of our newsletter at this time. Your mentor will also be sent a copy of your results.

PDF Documents

You will need a PDF reader to be able to read and print PDF documents. The reason we use PDF is that it preserves the formatting of the document. If we use microsoft word format, so people are unable to read them, and the document appearance will vary depending on your computer and printer setup. This does not happen with PDF.

There are a lot of free PDF viewers available on the web. One of the most common is Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from the website.

However we recommend that you consider using PDF Xchange Viewer (free version) which can be downloaded from their website at:

If you have any problems downloading then search Google for alternative download sites.

This free viewer allows you to add comments to a PDF document using your computer. Once installed you will see a menu item called “typewriter” which allows you write anywhere on a document. Ideal for tests and assignments if you don’t want to print them out. Just save the modified PDF and email back to us.