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Ten Rewarding Careers that Involve Working with Horses

If you are passionate about horses and have always dreamed about a career in the equine industry, you will be pleased to know that there are more opportunities including jobs than ever to work with horses. Whether you wish to succeed in the field of veterinary medicine or simply wish to prosper as a volunteer in the equine industry, you need to be prepared to deliver the highest quality of care to the horses you work with. Below are ten rewarding jobs working with horses and the most important step you can take to enter these fields.

1) Equine Veterinary Assistant

Equine Veterinary Assistants play an important role in a horse’s medical treatment. They typically work in veterinary hospitals or clinics alongside veterinarians as a part of a horse’s healthcare team. Here is a look at some of the job duties of an Equine Veterinary Assistant:
  • Provide first aid to injured horses
  • Administer injections and medications
  • Assist with the use of veterinary equipment such as monitors and X-ray machines
  • Assists with the (capture) and restraint of horses for medical treatments and surgical procedures
  • Maintains and upholds the standards of the equine facilities including the stables, paddocks, crushes, equipment

2) Stable Hand

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Stable hands play a key role in the everyday care of horses. In addition to grooming and feeding horses, they monitor horses for the presence of common injuries. They also administer first aid and routine medications, and ensure that stables and equipment are properly maintained. Some stable hand positions are live-in positions that involve residing onsite to deliver the highest level of care to horses.

3) Stud Hand

Stud hands provide assistance with the foaling process and also help care for newly delivered foals. They also hold stock for veterinarians, travel with horses as required, help with grooming and clipping, assist with breeding programmes: eg monitoring and observing mares for the correct timing of mating, effectively handling and managing stallions during the breeding season, assisting with AI (artificial insemination) procedures and keeping accurate records of every horse on the property. Knowledge of equine safety practices and healthcare are important prerequisites.

4) Equine Events Assistant

Horse shows, conventions, equine trade shows, and annual equine sales are all events that require professionals who are trained to work with horses and the public at large. Equine events assistants may perform a variety of job duties including the following:

  • Promote and market events to equine enthusiasts
  • Secure payments and registration from event attendees
  • Coordinate transportation of horses to and from events

5) Horse Farm Manager

“Horse farm managers are responsible for overseeing various farm employees such as barn managers, broodmare or stallion managers, grooms, and office staff on a daily basis…Farm managers on small operations tend to have more direct contact with the horses.” – Mary Hope Kramer, Animal Career Expert and Former Thoroughbred Nursery Professional. A career as a horse farm manager is ideal for individuals with years of experience with horse farm operations and a proven track record of success overseeing the health and wellness of multiple horses. In addition to having a strong working knowledge of horse care, they should possess management skills and outstanding organisational skills.

6) Equine Equipment Sales Representative

Many people are surprised to learn that there is an entire industry that focuses on equine medical equipment. From wireless X-ray systems for horses to equine anaesthesia machines, the world of medical and surgical equipment for horses is rapidly expanding. As the field continues to grow, veterinary equipment companies are increasingly seeking sales representatives with education and training to work with horses.

7) Farm Hand

Farm hands provide general oversight of horses to make sure that they are kept healthy and in prime breeding condition. Farm hands also help prepare horses for birthing and upcoming sales. Accordingly, they typically have a strong working knowledge of equine equipment, horse feed, and machinery.

8) Horse Racing Starting Gate Crew Member

“Horse racing is a hugely popular spectator sport around the world for millions of people and for many reasons…One country where horse racing is extremely popular is Australia. Billions of Australian dollars are wagered throughout the horse racing season, and it continues to grow in popularity year on year.” – Total Horse Channel

Horse racing starting gate crews play a critical role in ensuring that horses are loaded into their starting gates safely and securely prior to the start of a thoroughbred race. They often have special expertise in keeping horses who are new to racing, calm and relaxed before races.

9) Trail Ride Assistant

Working as a trail ride assistant requires extensive experience with horseback riding, trail knowledge, and horse safety measures. You also must have good communication skills and be able to work well with co-workers and guests. In addition to these duties, you will be expected to help maintain stalls and barns, help with rider mounts and dismounts, and ensure that horses are properly groomed and fed.

10) Equine Retail Professional

If you are just as passionate about working in retail as you are about working with horses, then a position in equine retail is sure to fulfil your career dreams. The best part about working as an equine retail professional is the wide variety of job opportunities that exist. Here are a few of them:

  • Retail sales associate
  • Sales representative, visiting equine establishments promoting feed, supplements, tack, rugs, and other equine items.
  • Mobile equine store associate
  • Delivery associate for equine equipment
  • Tack ship associate
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What should you do if you are interested in a job working with horses?

As outlined above, there are many rewarding career options for people who wish to work with horses. If you are passionate about horses and are interested in pursuing one of these career options, the best thing to do is to obtain the education and training required to meet general employment requirements.
We invite you to contact us to learn more about our exciting educational programs, such as our Equine Veterinary Nursing Certificate. We also offer short courses designed to prepare you for employment in a horse-related career. We look forward to helping you enjoy a rewarding career in the equine industry!

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