About Us

About Us

classroomApplied Vocational Training (AVT) was formed in 1999 by a group of Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses looking to provide quality training for students seeking qualifications as a Veterinary Nurse and gaining employment in the veterinary industry. Over the years we have extended our range of courses and nationally recognised certificates to include qualifications in Animal Studies for students wishing to enter a more diverse range of roles within the animal and petcare industry and for those just starting their career. 

Our animal studies courses have formerly been offered by Animal Science College, managed and operated by the owners of Applied Vocational Training since commencement. We are excited to announce that as of January 2017, Applied Vocational Training will provide a complete education pathway for students wishing to gain qualifications in Animal Studies as well as Veterinary Nursing. In an effort to improve and streamline both institutions we are currently in the process of merging Applied Vocational Training and the Animal Science College so you will soon know us as only Applied Vocational Training.

Meerkat-zooCourses are provided by our team of qualified and experienced Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses and Animal Scientists. Our lecturers and tutors are active members of either the veterinary profession or are involved in the animal care industry. They also have recognised training qualifications and have significant experience teaching in University and/or TAFE programs. You can meet our team here.

Over 500 students are enrolled in our full time, part time and Supported eLearning programs. Our online program attracts students from all over Australia. Our graduates are employed in a variety of areas including Veterinary Practice, Zoos, Quarantine and other animal care facilities.

We are located in Technology Park, Bentley, Western Australia nearby Curtin University and 8km southeast of Perth CBD. Our purpose-built training centre provides on-campus students with a modern learning facility and access to a practical laboratory as well as equipment and products used in the veterinary and animal care industry. Students also enjoy free Wi-Fi services, a student lounge including an outdoor garden area as well being a short walking distance from cafes, eateries and public transport.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO) details

Applied Vocational Training is a private training provider registered with the ASQA (the Australian Skills Quality Authority). Our registration authority can be viewed on the Australian Government’s website for details of registered courses and training providers training.gov.au – select this link to view our details.  To view the standards that apply to registered training organisations (RTO’s) in Australia – select this link. To learn more about ASQA, the organisation who enforce the RTO legislation – select this link.

Our students are eligible for government support such as ‘Austudy’ or Youth Allowance as would be available to TAFE students.


Why study with AVT?

    • Learn from industry professionals including Veterinarians and Animal Care Professionals with many years of experience so you will gain the most important skills and knowledge relevant to potential employers
    • Personalised professional services for all students regardless of method of study so you get support and help when you need it most
    • Students stay on track as we engage in regular student feedback and submit assessment and assignment results within 5 days of receipt
    • High graduation and employment rate of students who have received qualifications in our certificate courses
    • Trusted and respected by the petcare industry. We have close relationships with over 100 employers and institutions such as the Veterinary School at Murdoch University
    • Quality course material that is constantly being revised with the latest techniques and information in animal care science.

Testimonial from student, Amanda Brown 

My name is Amanda and I am a newly graduated veterinary nurse from AVT. I studied the course full time in 2015 which is no mean feat, having two children to also look after, but my hard work and determination paid off.amanda-brown1
In December I went on my adventure to a wildlife rescue centre in Thailand. It was an amazing experience, a definite eye opener! I got to work with Elephants, Bears, Macaques, Dusky Langur’s, Deer, Gibbons, Wild Boar and many others. I helped to treat abscesses on the elephants, medicate the bears, help a gibbon with seizures, treat a macaque with a fever, treat a deer that had fly strike, watch a vasectomy on a macaque, a tail amputation on a dog and my most favourite job was babysitting a baby dusky langur called Luna. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
Once I returned, I juggled kids on school holidays with my new job at the veterinary hospital in which I was offered a job near the end of my studies last year. And I absolutely love it there. I have done a lot of reception work, which is very challenging, but I’m getting better with it and my surgery skills are also getting a work out. It is the first time in my life that I can actually say that I love my job – so thanks to all of the staff at AVT for making that possible. I have had a wonderful experience studying with AVT.

AVT qualified veterinary nurses and animal care professionals have been successfully employed in the animal services industry since 1999.