Students Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Amanda Brown

Fulltime student 2015


My name is Amanda and I am a newly graduated veterinary nurse from AVT. I studied the course full time in 2015 which is no mean feat, having two children to also look after, but my hard work and determination paid off.
In December I went on my adventure to a wildlife rescue centre in Thailand. It was an amazing experience, a definite eye opener! I got to work with Elephants, Bears, Macaques, Dusky Langur’s, Deer, Gibbons, Wild Boar and many others. I helped to treat abscesses on the elephants, medicate the bears, help a gibbon with seizures, treat a macaque with a fever, treat a deer that had fly strike, watch a vasectomy on a macaque, a tail amputation on a dog and my most favourite job was babysitting a baby dusky langur called Luna. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
Once I returned, I juggled kids on school holidays with my new job at the veterinary hospital in which I was offered a job near the end of my studies last year. And I absolutely love it there. I have done a lot of reception work, which is very challenging, but I’m getting better with it and my surgery skills are also getting a work out. It is the first time in my life that I can actually say that I love my job – so thanks to all of the staff at AVT for making that possible. I have had a wonderful experience studying with AVT.


Melanie Morris

Correspondence Student

One of our correspondence veterinary nursing students, Melanie Morris has recently returned from a volunteer trip to South Africa where she had the opportunity to shadow a wildlife vet for two weeks.

I worked very hard and got very dirty, but had an amazing experience and learnt a lot!!
Some of the highlights of my amazing visit included microchipping a sable calf, meeting and feeding two lion cubs (one rescued from a circus, one rescued from the canned hunting industry), treating an injured elephant calf, having a cuddle with an orphan leopard cub, getting to practice drawing up lots and lots of medication, learning to shoot darting rifles, catching and restraining nyala and being chased by a pack of wild dogs (who have been rehabilitated after being rescued from a zoo).
I hope you like my photos.

melanie morris