What is the difference between ACM30110 Certificate III in Animal Studies and ACM30117 Certificate III in Animal Studies?

The code for Certificate III in Animal Studies changed to ACM30117 in November 2017. The content and requirements for this particular certificate have not changed however and the new certificate is deemed equivalent to ACM30110.

The reason for the code change is that all units in the Animal Care Package (ACM10) have been reviewed and codes updated for 2017. Some qualifications have changed significantly, others have not.

All training providers have 12 months from endorsement to bring up to date and changes required to any courses they are registered to deliver.

AVT is in the process of completing administrative and compliance paperwork that will allow us to advertise ACM30117 Certificate III in Animal Care.  As such we are registered to deliver ACM30110 and ACM30117 for the next 12 months.

Most importantly however, all students who enrol in ACM30110 with us in the near future will be issued ACM30117 when they complete.

For more information visit our article on the Changes to National Qualifications 

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