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Why Now is the Best Time to Consider a Career Working with Animals

Why now is the best time to take the next step and start your journey to work with animals

In this video, we meet Sue Bain who has worked within the veterinary industry for many years including in the role as General Manager at AVT. She talks about her thoughts on why now is a fantastic time to start a career working with animals. 

Is a career in animal care a good idea?

Yes, we think now is one of the best times to consider a career change or to start out your career working with animals.  In Sue’s video, she highlights some of the key reasons why.

Sue’s top reasons for taking action 

  • Australia’s pet population is growing. In fact, the pet population in Australia is higher than the human population.
  • Pet owners are spending over 14 billion dollars every year to keep their pets healthy, fed and accessorised.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the growing interest in pet ownership and expenditure it also led to many areas of the animal care and management industry being recognised as an essential service.
  • Natural disasters in Australia including droughts, flooding and fires have resulted in the widespread injury and fatality of native fauna. Also creating a need for skilled workers in animal care including native animal rehabilitation and conservation.
  • Recognised areas of growth include veterinary services, sales of products and accessories, boarding and minding services, training and behaviour services, alternative healthcare options and grooming.

Why you should consider a qualification in animal care

While the demand for animal care workers across these industries is increasing, Sue also encourages people to gain some foundation knowledge and skills before making a start.  She is finding employers from both non-profit and profit-based organisations are demanding more experience and knowledge of their recruits.

It is certainly an exciting time in the world of animal care and there are many opportunities for those wishing to consider a career working with animals. 

What are your options to get started?

Complete an Animal Care Qualification

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Gain skills and experience working with animals

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As part of your animal care qualification you will participate in practical training to gain the necessary entry level skills to get started. Alternatively we highly recommend volunteering at a local non-profit organisation.
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We have been training animal care, animal behaviour and training, equine care and veterinary nursing students for over 25 years in Australia. Students who undertake AVT courses range from high school-aged students just starting their pre-vocational journey right through to mature-aged students seeking an alternative career path. Graduates are highly respected and sought after by industry professionals, businesses and organisations. If you want the background knowledge and skills to help you secure your career in the animal care industry, check out our qualifications here or gain new skills by studying one of our short courses.

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Follow your passion and get a dream job!

Start today and register for one of our nationally recognised qualifications across a broad range of animal related areas. You can start your career pathway with AVT. Learn about our courses.

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Choose a study mode to suit you and your location including flexible online learning from anywhere in Australia or on-campus in Perth WA.
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Online Entry Level

ACM20121 Certificate II in Animal Care (Online)

This Online Course allows students up to 1 year to complete their qualification. It is an ideal starting point for those with very little or no prior knowledge or experience in the animal care industry.

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Animal Care Online Course

This is the most flexibile option for students who are not based in Perth or who would like to combine their studies with work, school or other commitments.
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On-Site Entry Level

ACM20121 Certificate II in Animal Care (Health & Welfare)

Perfect for students who are seeking an introduction to the animal care industry, including experience and knowledge in the area of shelter care, rehoming, and welfare.

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Animal Health & Welfare

Gain essential practical handling skills at Perth's renowned Cat Haven and the Greyhounds as Pets rehoming facility. Plus participate in weekly classroom activities at AVT's Ascot campus.
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On-Campus Entry Level

ACM20121 Certificate II in Animal Care (Vet Nursing Pathway)

A 14 week program delivered on campus to prepare you for ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing or to work as an Animal Attendant in a veterinary practice.

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Vet Nursing Pathway

Students enjoy a combination of practical training and classroom activities at our Animal Care Facility in Ascot and study essential theory online.
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