Troubleshooting – Moodle and Online Store Issues

This page contains a collection of helpful examples of the most common issues we come across. If you have been sent here, please click on your relevant issue and follow the instructions before you contact our support staff. If your problem is not below then do not hesitate to call us or email us at

Moodle Issues:

Can’t open a file I have downloaded?

If you have downloaded a file from us and it doesn’t open as expected, the most likely issue is your computer is missing the software needed to view the file.

If the file is a ‘.pdf’ or PDF you will need to download a ‘PDF Reader’. This program will be able to view the file. Here is a link to download a free version:

If the file is a ‘.zip’ or ‘.rar’ you will need a program to ‘Uncompress’ the file. This program will allow you to open the file and extract the file(s) within. Here is a link to download a free version:  WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 5.01

Moodle isn’t working as expected?

If for any reason Moodle isn’t working as you have seen it operate before, objects on the page are missing or clicking on buttons doesn’t do what its meant to there are two options which may fix the problem.

Check your Internet Browser

If you are unsure what an Internet Browser is, it is the program you are using to view this page. There are several different versions. The one that comes with the computer is called Internet Explorer, which isn’t the worst as long as you upgrade it regularly.

If you are unsure what browser you are using, or even what version then click on this link:

The internet browsers we support are:

The reason some parts of Moodle might not be working is because Moodle has a feature that is newer then the Internet Browser you are using. It is not hard to update your browser, above are the links to download the supported browsers. Please read the instructions to install/update your browser on the linked page as we cannot provide this assistance.

If Moodle is still acting strange and you are using one of the supported browsers, let us know. It me be an issue we are unaware of. Sometimes, unfortunately it is due to invasive software on your computer, if you are using one of the supported browsers, try another one and see if the problem persists. If it does, contact us!

Go grab a Coffee!

Sometimes the only problem with Moodle is it is running a bit slow, either because there are a few students using it at once or your internet connection is running slow. Once you click on a link or try to attempt an Assessment, the worst thing to do is to click it again or try to reload the page. Please be patient with Moodle, it is much quicker than sending assessments via mail!


I can’t login to Moodle?

This issue can be caused by several different problems. But first lets start with the obvious, are you able to reach our Moodle site on the internet?

Here is the Link, it will take you to the login page:

If you can not reach that page, then there is a serious problem and you should call our staff. Assuming you can reach that page, are you using the right login details? The login details for Moodle are not your email as your username. It is made up using your AVT ID number. Lets say your name is William Riker, and your AVT ID number is 1673. Your login details will be:

Username: avt1673
Password: VN1/rikerw

All passwords originally are made up beginning with ‘VN1/‘ and then your full last name and the initial of your first name. If you have changed your password, you will need to be issued another one and you will need to call up our support staff or email asking us to do this for you. If you are positive that you are entering your login details correctly, ring/email our staff and ask them to reset your password, it may have been entered incorrectly.

If you can get this far then your issue is not logging into Moodle. If you are having trouble opening a module then read the guide below.


I can’t open my Course/Module in Moodle?

When selecting to enter a course on the course categories page, if you have never entered the course before then you will encounter an enrolment screen.

On the bottom of the screen it will say “Self Enrolment (Student)” and there will be a field to enter an enrolment key. This is common for every Module and to obtain the enrolment key you will need to have purchased the Module through our store and be issued it by our staff.

If the key you have entered is coming up as incorrect and you believe this is an error, contact our staff and ask for the key to be checked.

Online Store Issues:

I can’t login to the store?

New Students

If you have never used the Online Store to purchase Modules (ect..) before, then do not worry about logging in. Navigate to the Module (ect..) you wish to purchase, add it to your cart and then checkout. An account creation field will be on the checkout page. Enter your details and then make a note of them. Your username will be your email address and your password can be what ever you wish. When you return to the store, you can use these details either on the home screen to login or on the checkout page, it will remember all your details so you do not have to fill them out again.

Returning Students

The most common cause of this problem is that the student is not using the correct login details. Remember the Username is your email address and the password was created by you, if you have forgotten the password contact the staff and ask them to re-issue you a new one.