Course Start

Thank you for joining our Veterinary Nursing program.  To make a start we ask that you do the following:

Download and Read our Vet Nursing study guide

This study guide is our “how to” guide that outlines the program and how it works. You can download this guide below

If you ever wish to download this again, you can find it under the current student portal in the right side bar.

It is a good ideal as well to download and keep a copy of our dates document which has details of office opening, part time classes, workshops, graduation and more. Please download from here

Register yourself as a user with our Online Learning System (Moodle)

Here you will get access to all of our courses and be able to submit assessments.  This is a very easy process where you enter some personal details and provide an email. Take careful note of your username and password which will be different from the account login you use for the store.

To Register Click Here!

Enrolment Key

In your receipt for your enrolment, you will have received an enrolment key for the course you have enrolled in. You must use this key in order to access your course. Instructions on how to use the key around found on the new student page:

Finding your way around and some suggestions

Once inside the Online Learning Centre you will find a link to the “Student Info Area” In this area you have several choices

Study Guide Download Another option for downloading your study guide if you have not already done so
Student Moodle Guide We recommend you download and have a good read of this document. It is your map to finding your way around our Online Learning System
Practice Module Have a bit of fun and just do this short module. It should only take a few minutes and will show you the way your courses will be set up. This activity is optional and does not cost anything. You need to enter the enrolment key of 1060 to start this module
Maths Preparation Module This is a free module and you do not need an enrolment key to do this. You need maths to work effectively with animals, this module has lots of links and questions for you to find out where you are with your maths. It is not compulsory, but we recommend all student do this module. Follow the links to improve your skills if you find your skills lacking.

Obtain an USI

All students in Vocational Education are now required to obtain a Unique Student Identifier from the federal government. We are not permitted to issue results unless we have this number. It is a fairly painless activity if you do not already have one and will take a few minutes only on the USI website. This applies to students residing in Australia only.

Once you have obtained your USI please report it to us via our web form.

Something not clear or you need some help

We are real people in a real office and am happy to hear from you. We will always respond to your enquiries. You can contact us from within  Moodle using the “user contact block” or simply email us at or get on the phone to us. We can even setup a skype chat if need be. We hope you enjoy your studies.

Best Wishes and good luck with your studies!
The staff
Applied Vocational Training