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All applications to enrol in this course will be considered. As places are limited, not all applicants will be offered a place. Most applications are considered within one week and you will be notified by mail or telephone of the results of your application.

There are no fees for making an application and your application does not enter you into any contract. You are free to withdraw or not continue with your enrolment should you be offered a place.

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From 2015 the Australian government implemented the Unique Student Identifier or USI. This USI tracks students’ training records across all Australian states and territories.

If you do not currently have an USI, you can create one here. You are not required to submit your USI as part of this application, however we will require it before we can issue any qualification to you.

You can submit your USI to us at any time on this page.

Education Details

Please provide details of the highest level of education you have completed. For each section provide:

  • Where studies took place
  • Year completed
  • Grades where possible
Please attach copies of statements from school or other organisations that verify your study.

High School

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TAFE / University or similar Studies

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Any other Studies

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Work Related Experience

Here you should detail all work experience you have, including paid and voluntary work. Please indicate:

  • the amount of time spent at that workplace
  • when you completed the work
  • the name of the employer.
For work experience to be considered, you need to attach evidence of this experience. This may come in the form of a reference or statement from the employer or other evidence as appropriate.

Work experience in the Veterinary Industry

If not applicable please write N/A

Work experience in the Animal Care industry

If not applicable please write N/A

Other work experience

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Consideration for Recognition of Previous Studies or Experience

Consideration of previous studies and work will be given to see if there are any areas that may give you credit (subjects you do not have to study) in the Veterinary Nursing course.

Some credit is often gained for:

Communication skills
Reception skills
Specific subjects
based on upper school English studies or work experience
based on experience in Veterinary practice
based on previous studies or experience in the animal care area.
Please ensure evidence of these details is attached.

You can apply for credit at any time during the course if you realise at a later stage that you do not need to study a particular subject.

Detail any past work or studies you think may give you credit

Personal Statement

Please write a statement about your reasons for wishing to study and work as a Veterinary Nurse and information about your past experience with animals.

We request that this statement is written by you and be at least 500 words.

Additional Information

Do you have any other information that may help your application? Information might include:
• references
• offers of employment or work experience
• short courses you have undertaken
• experience in caring for animals
• any other relevant information.

Also please ensure that any other statements are attached relating to
• records of education
• work experience references/statements.

Please ensure evidence of these details is attached.

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