Do I need to have any previous qualifications or experience with animals to get into Certificate III in Animal Studies?

No, you do not need to complete a previous qualification or have experience with animals for entry into ACM30117 Certificate III in Animal Studies.

Requirements for ACM30117 Certificate III in Animal Studies are as follows:-

  • Experience with animals is not compulsory. The course includes practical training which will require you to complete a practical work placement. This work placement must be within the animal care industry, so you will gain practical experience to compliment the course material and theory.
  • The minimum age requirements for Certificate III in Animal Studies are based on academic school year. For the Certificate III in Animal Studies, this is Year 11 High School or equivalent. Some exceptions may be possible. Please note the minimum age for the RSPCA based course is 18 years of age due to RSPCA policy.
  • We also ask that all students can speak and write English.

For  more detailed information about the Cert III in Animal Studies entry requirements visit this link

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