Breathe in, breathe out….How hard can it be?

An Anaesthesia Workshop - Understanding the anaesthetic machine and breathing circuits Our next workshop will be held on Thursday, 11th July 2019 from 7.00pm - 9.00pm (our June Workshop is now fully booked) at our Bentley Campus. 

  • How well do you know HOW your breathing circuits work?
  • Can you troubleshoot problems when under pressure?
  • But what if you don’t have capnography? Do you know how to use your circuits effectively with minimal monitoring equipment?
This workshop will provide the answers to all of these questions and is specifically designed to assist advanced veterinary nursing students and experienced veterinary nurses currently working in industry. In this session we will bring you up to speed on the latest methods to ensure your patient has a safe anaesthetic and smooth recovery.


What you will learn?

  • Accurately identifying parts in the anaesthetic machine and understanding their role in keeping your patient healthy and well
  • The important steps you must take before you use an anaesthetic machine each and every time 
  • Everything you should know about rebreathing and non-rebreathing anaesthetic circuits
  • How to calculate the fresh gas flow rate for your patient and the circuit you are using (Did you know oxygen flow can greatly influence a patient under anaesthesia and reduce environmental pollution and save money?)
  • The importance of effective, continuous monitoring of patients under anaesthesia to reduce the risk of complications.

Who is this workshop ideal for?

CarolineThis workshop is ideal for:
  • Industry professionals who would like to update their knowledge on administering anaesthetics in felines and canines. The Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Regulatory Council has allocated 2 AVNAT CPD points/s to this continuing education activity.
  • AVT and non-AVT veterinary nursing students who have recently completed, currently studying or about to start the study unit, ACMVET408A Coordinate and perform theatre routines.

Workshop Details

Date:  Thursday, 11th July 2019 (Please note our June Workshop is now fully booked) 
Time:  7.00pm - 9.00pm 
Location:  AVT Bentley Campus - At our Bentley Campus, Enterprise Unit 2, Suite number 2, 11 Brodie-Hall Drive, BENTLEY, WA. View a Map and Directions here
Fees:  $45.00  

How to book

Our anaesthetic workshops are popular and registrations book fast.  Seats are limited so make your booking now by clicking on the ENROL button below. 


About your presenter

Caroline Montgomery Cert IV Veterinary Nursing, Graduate Certificate in Education

CarolineCaroline started her career as a veterinary nurse in a small country town in western New South Wales. Her interest in small animal surgery and anaesthesia then took her to a specialist practice in Brisbane where she worked for four years and became a head nurse before moving to Singapore for a role in small animal surgery and anaesthesia.

On returning to Australia, she then worked for a small animal specialist in Melbourne before moving to Perth to join The Animal Hospital, Murdoch University to further specialise in anaesthesia. It was here where Caroline completed one year as a specialty trainee in anaesthesia and gained her qualification in education. She is still currently teaching and working in the anaesthesia department at Murdoch University.

Caroline has a real passion for anaesthesia in both small and large animals as well as teaching veterinary nursing students and final year veterinary students. Her passion for teaching also took her to Jaipur, India where she was responsible for teaching and assisting vets in better practice in a spey/neuter clinic. 

Caroline’s Qualifications:  Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing, Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary and Adult)



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