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If you are a current AVT student who is wishing to complete worksheets in your Practical Skills Workbook, these sessions are perfect for you. Each session is focused on assessing specific practical skills and competencies covered in a particular unit of study. They are helpful if you are struggling to have your practical skills assessed and signed off in the workplace.  

About the Practical Skills Assessment Sessions

These sessions are a fantastic opportunity for current AVT Veterinary Nursing and Animal Studies students to complete the tasks set out in the Practical Skills Workbook for their course of study. We purposefully select units and skills worksheets that students often find challenging to complete in their workplace. Please check to make sure the unit code referred to in the enrolment panel is relevant to your course. During each session:-  
  • You will be reviewed by an AVT assessor,
  • If competent, you will have your Practical Skills Worksheet or Workplace Assignment, reviewed and signed off.
The purpose of these sessions is purely for assessment. No training or education will be provided so you need to come prepared with the skills and knowledge to undertake the assessments. 
When and where are the sessions held?
See the Enrol Now table below for future dates and relevant units of study. Practical Skills Sessions run from 9am-12pm. Your attendance may not be required for the entire session; we will confirm this with you prior to the session date. The sessions will be held at our Clinical Skill Lab - AVT Bentley Campus, Enterprise Unit 2, Suite number 2, 11 Brodie-Hall Drive, BENTLEY, WA. View a Map and Directions here  
How often are the sessions held?
Assessment sessions are planned throughout the year, with topics varying depending on student requirements.
How do you book?
These sessions have been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 
Sessions are free of charge to AVT students with a current enrolment.

About each session

ACMVET406/A Nurse Animals Skills Assessment Session  (Currently POSTPONED due to COVID-19 outbreak)
During this session you will have the opportunity to be assessed for the following assignments:-
  • Workplace assignment  – Health exam (also in ACMGAS205 Assist in the health care of animals) 
  • Workplace assignment  – Administer an oral medication 
  • Workplace assignment  – Apply a bandage 
We encourage students who have dogs that are happy to be handled and are social around humans and other dogs, to bring their pet with them to participate in the assessment. Just drop us a line to let us know if you will be bringing your dog.
ACMVET408A Coordinate and perform theatre routines and ACMVET413 Prepare for anaesthesia and monitor animal anaesthesia and analgesia Skills Assessment Session
During this session you will have the opportunity to be assessed for the following assignments:-
  • Workplace assignment 1 – Hand scrubbing and gloving (ACMVET405 Coordinate and perform surgical nursing routines)
  • Workplace assignment 2 – Packing and sterilising a surgical kit
  • Workplace assignment 4 – The anaesthetic machine (and ACMVET413 Prepare for anaesthesia and monitor animal anaesthesia and analgesia)
Reception, Communications and Office Procedures Skills Assessment Session
Incorporating ACMVET401 Coordinate veterinary reception duties, ACMGAS308 Communicate effectively with clients and team members, ACMVET404 Perform office procedures, ACMGAS202 Participate in workplace communications.

During this session you will have the opportunity to be assessed for the following assignments:-
  • ACMVET401 Coordinate veterinary reception duties (Practical skills -simulation and role plays) and Workplace Assignment 2
  • ACMGAS308 Communicate effectively with clients and team members - Practical skills for team meetings
  • ACMVET404 Perform office procedures - Practical skills for banking and till reconciliation
  • ACMGAS202 Participate in workplace communications -Practical skills for team meetings

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