Stephanie Ingoe

Stephanie started in the animal industry working as support staff for a local veterinary clinic. During this time, Stephanie’s passion for animal behaviour grew and upon completing her degree in Zoology, Stephanie did her MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Lincoln in the UK alongside working at a local pet shop. Stephanie later became a lecturer and course manager for a local land-based college, teaching Animal Studies in the UK. During this time, she organised and attended volunteer research study trips in South Africa and Transylvania.

Steph is passionate about animal behaviour and educating people on how to recognise and understand their pet’s behaviour allowing them to build better relationships and reduce behaviour based problems with peoples pets. Stephanie is also a passionate teacher and has a keen interest in developing and understanding inclusive and diverse teaching styles.

Stephanie’s Qualifications:

  • MSc. Clinical Animal Behaviour,
  • BSc(hons) Zoology,
  • PGCE Education and Training