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Topping The Class: 2019 Graduates in Animal Care & Veterinary Nursing

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 marked the day AVT acknowledged our newest graduates with their qualification in animal care and veterinary nursing.
Vet Nursing Student Graduate of the Year Award AVT Perth 2019

Student of the Year for Veterinary Nursing

We were incredibly proud and excited to celebrate our students’ achievements with a formal award ceremony at the Technology Park Function Centre in Bentley, Australia.  We’re pleased to announce that this year we honoured over 200 qualifying graduates. Along with their closest friends and family we had over 300 people attend this year’s ceremony. Celebrations included each student being presented with their certificate. These certificates signify the years of work and dedication each student has gone through in the pursuit of living their dream. Having come this far, their efforts have earned each of them the right to take their goals and their desire to work with animals to the next level. Top students were also presented with special recognition awards. Of particular note is our Student of the Year Awards in Veterinary Nursing and Animal Studies as well as the VNCA achievement award. This award is presented by the Vet Nurses Council of Australia and is awarded to one Vet Nursing student who has demonstrated their character as an ambassador for all nursing students collectively. These distinctions allow us to reward the exceptional qualities of our students, all of whom deserve recognition for making it as far as they have. 
AVT Veterinary Nursing Student Award Winners 2019

AVT Veterinary Nursing Student Award Winners 2019

Veterinary Nursing Awards (from left to right)
  • Dr Julia Koffel – Principal Lecturer in Veterinary Nursing
  • Imogen Calverley – VNCA Achievement Award
  • Hannah Richardson – Student of the Year Veterinary Nursing
  • Sarah Westwood – Certificate of Merit for Vet Nursing (On-Campus studies)
  • Emily Coubrough – Workplace Excellence Award
  • Tracy Brownell – Certificate of Merit for Vet Nursing (eLearning) )
As Perth’s one and only dedicated animal care college and registered training organisation, we’re able to offer our students an unparalleled level of training, expertise, and opportunity. More than 80% of our veterinary nursing graduates go on to secure employment either during their training or soon after. We work with numerous professional partners to ensure that our standards of education meet the demands of the veterinary field across Australia and beyond. This also enables us to offer our students access to professional mentors, employers, and other relationships that can get them started on building a successful career while they’re learning.  Our courses can be completed online or on-campus. Positions on-campus are highly competitive, as we offer superb workplace training in Perth’s leading veterinary organisations and animal care facilities including the RSPCA, Dogs’ Refuge Home and Cat Haven. Our students have access to resources and experience that they wouldn’t find almost anywhere else. It’s one of the major reasons aspiring veterinary nurses and animal care workers from around the country look to us to pursue their dreams. Earning a qualification, whether online or on-campus, is a rewarding and insightful journey in itself that has the potential to transform lives. Our students haven’t simply earned a certificate, they’ve acquired some of the most profound knowledge in the world pertaining to their chosen career paths.  Having completed their course work and proven themselves beyond the highest standards, we expect each of our 2019 graduates to look forward to a bright and fulfilling future. The hard work and perseverance it takes to make it this far is worth our most sincere congratulations. With respect to every graduate, their friends, and families, we’d like to wish them the best of luck moving forward. Applications for 2020 on-campus enrolments are available now. Contact us here and apply today and take the next step in pursuing your dreams. 
Animal Studies Award Winners 2019

Animal Studies Award Winners 2019

Animal Studies Awards (from left to right)
  • Tara Kay – Certificate of Merit for Animal Studies (On-Campus)
  • Skye Dalton – Principal Lecturer in Animal Studies
  • Alison McCristell – Student of the Year for Animal Studies
  • Bailey Renzullo – Certificate of Merit for Animal Studies (eLearning)

Appreciation and thank you

We thank the very many supporting industry partners we work with.  Including many of Perth’s leading veterinary hospitals, welfare organisations, rehabilitation centres and animal related businesses.  We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you also to this year’s Graduation Corporate Sponsors  

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