Sarah Holman

(Full time student 2004)
After completing my work experience at the Riseley Street Veterinary Centre in Applecross with Dr Ray Butler, I joined the team following graduation. The clinic had a specialised in exotic avian and native animal medicine and surgery, as well as domestic dogs and cats. This enabled me to work with many extraordinary animals, from snakes to seahorses. I worked at Riseley Street for 4 years, after which, I moved to New Zealand.
After moving to the small town on Taranaki I acquired a job at the municipal zoo, Brooklands Zoological Park in New Plymouth. Due to my extensive knowledge from training, experience and guidance under Dr Butler and staff I gained the position of zoo coordinator. With this title I was supervisor of the zoo keepers and consequently had seven staff and numerous volunteers working in my team. The zoo kept a wide array of animals from kuni kuni pigs to ring-tailed lemurs all of which I was able to have hands on experience with. A year went by and I moved back home to Perth and back to my job at The Riseley Veterinary Centre until recently.
I am now nursing in the team at My Best Friends Veterinary Centre in Leederville and continuing with my vocation. I enjoy it so much I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life. My passion for working with animals has only grown stronger over the years. The experiences I have had have been unforgettable and I still enjoy going to work every day. 
I feel like the job is always challenging and I am still learning new skills and building my knowledge through every day on the job and the continuous education programs available.