Rachel Adams

(Full time student 2009)

I was recently given the opportunity to do some voluntary work at Broome Veterinary hospital for Safe (Saving Animals from Euthanasia) in which 8 Dogs and 2 Cats were sterilized ready for re-homing. We then headed North to an Aboriginal Community called Beagle Bay for a 2 day de-sexing Program. An experience of a life time but it certainly isn’t for the faint hearted.

We set up in the womens health centre, and some of the kids helped with setting up cages for the dogs. The aboriginal health workers brought the dogs to us. We rose at 6 am and started work around 7 45am and finished around 6 pm. The majority of the dogs were bitches who have had many litters, so the preperation of them was enormous, as well as the dirt, mange and ticks. Cleaning of instruments were in buckets and a portable autoclave was used.

In total we desexed 22 dogs.

The opportunity I was given was unbelievable. I learnt an enormous amount about Veterinary Nursing and cannot wait to get back there. The dogs were absolutely wonderful, not aggressive as I thought they would be.