ACM20217 Certificate II In

Horse Care

This course has been superseded and is no longer available at AVT

A Course for Horse People, Created by Horse People

Are you passionate about horses and their care? Looking to further your knowledge or focus on a career in the equine industry? Our nationally recognised ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care is a unique training course for those passionate about all things equine! A career working with horses is extremely rewarding and satisfying, and this qualification is a great way to make your dream become reality!

This horse care course is ideal if you are:-

  • looking to pursue a career in the equine industry
  • a volunteer or already working in the equine industry
  • a competitive rider seeking more knowledge and expertise in equine care
  • looking for a future career in equine veterinary nursing and need exposure to horse care


  • an existing veterinary nurse who is seeking more experience in equine care
  • seeking more experience with horses to go on to further training
  • a leisure rider who just wants more knowledge about horses
  • a property owner caring for horses.

Course snapshot

  • Duration: up to 1 year
  • Enrolments: Now Closed (this course has been superseded)
  • Practical Training: Supervised in a facility of your choice
  • Online Study Time: Approx. 10-15 hours per week
  • Prerequisite: none required
  • Best suited to: Those how are looking to pursue a career in the equine industry or those looking for more skills, knowledge and expertise in the area of horse care.
Nationally recognised animal care course in Australia NRT
Equine and Horse care qualification - online course Australia
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Course outline

This course is delivered online and you will not be required to attend classes or lectures. You will:-

  • be provided with a login to our Online Learning Platform where you will find all of the course materials including interactive learning material, videos, and assessments. 
  • receive the personal support of our qualified Trainers & Assessors either via email, online chat, video call or phone.  Our education team is made up of experienced and working veterinary nurses, veterinarians and animal scientists who have hands-on experience with horses.  
  • have help and assistance from our student support team to help you stay on track

To gain the valuable practical skills required to successfully complete this course, you will need access to at least three different calm, consistent and obedient horses. This can be with your own horses, through contacts that you have in the horse care industry or by approaching equine facilities in your local area. You will need to arrange to have your practical skills supervised by a competent person, your supervisor. Your chosen supervisor should be: A person who has acquired through training, qualification or experience, the knowledge and skills to ensure your safety whilst you are interacting with horses.

Your chosen equine facility will enable you to put into practice the theory components of the course, develop essential hands-on skills that are necessary for a career in the horse care industry and complete the compulsory practical assignments that are an important part of the assessment towards your qualification. Ideal equine facilities might include agistment centres, riding schools, trail riding centres, animal welfare shelters or equestrian centres.

We encourage our students to select an equine facility that will be most suited to their chosen interest in the horse care industry. We can provide guidance as to how to select and approach a suitable facility.

At your chosen equine facility you will be expected to complete all practical assignments, which are an essential part of the assessment criteria for this course.

Here’s a few important points about your chosen equine facility:-

  • You are ultimately responsible for finding and securing a suitable location to carry out your practical skills assessments. This means you have the flexibility to select a facility that suits your location, availability and interests.
  • We suggest you have at least one facility in mind prior to commencing your enrolment.
  • All equine facilities must be reviewed and authorised by an AVT Student Support Team Member prior to commencing your logged hours. You will receive an Approval Kit to assist you with this requirement.
  • If you are already working or volunteering in a horse-related business or organisation, it is likely you will be able to use your place of employment for your practical training.

The Certificate II in Horse Care is a great building block for those with an interest in horse care. There are no prerequisites for entry into this course, however, to enrol in this course you will need to:-

  • be passionate about all things equine,
  • a minimum of year 9 high school age
  • have some experience with horses e.g. Pony club. If you do not yet have experience please contact us for further advice,
  • be physically capable of fulfilling the requirements of this course, including grooming, leading and tacking up horses and lifting up to 10kg bags,
  • have access to suitable horses and a competent supervisor for your practical assessments
  • have a reliable internet connection and access to a desktop computer, laptop or electronic device. You will be required to write, submit and in some cases upload assessments and various types of multi-media files online, therefore we strongly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer for your studies
    to be proficient in speaking and writing in English.

All students will be contacted by the Equine Program Manager to ensure they meet the criteria listed above. Please note: Riding is not compulsory for this course.

We are unable to offer this course to students currently living overseas or those on a student visa. For more information visit our frequently asked questions below:-

When you visit your chosen horse care facility for your practical training you will be required to wear:

  • an AVT shirt and name badge (supplied by AVT),
  • an AVT wind-stopper jacket if required (supplied by AVT)
  • standard ridged sole work boots (supplied by student),
  • full length work pants suitable for bending and moving freel (supplied by student),
  • properly fitting hard hat complying with current industry standards (supplied by student),
  • work gloves (supplied by student).

You will be required to wear the AVT uniform unless specified by the equine facility. 

What will you learn?

You will complete 14 units of study covering a broad range of topics relating to the principles of working in the animal care industry.  You will be introduced to:-

  • Equine behaviour and welfare
  • Safe and effective handling techniques including loading
  • Daily husbandry routines for horses
  • Fitting gear and equipment
  • Equine health and nutrition
  • Assessment of horse conformation
  • Preparing for a horse competition
  • Equine first aid
  • Safe and effective lunging

All of the skills and knowledge you will learn can be applied across a broad range of horse care facilities. For more information on jobs and careers in this industry, read our article Ten Rewarding Careers that Involve Working with Horses.

Qualification and training in horse care - online studies

Course outcomes

Our graduates go on to a wide range of roles across the equine and animal care industry. 

Job Outcomes

Students who have completed the Certificate II in Horse Care go on to careers as a:

  • Stable hand in a variety of equine care environments
  • Equine veterinary assistant
  • Stud hand
  • Farm hand
  • Stock rider
  • Trail ride assistant
  • Equine events assistant
  • Equine retail including pet shops and specialist horse retail outlets

This qualification can also provide a basis for further study at Certificate III or IV level including AVT’s Vet Nursing course and provides an accredited equine-related qualification for those wishing to pursue further studies.

Skills Outcomes

As well as becoming confident in handling horses, here are some of the skills you will be able to apply once qualified:-

  • Handling and caring for horses safely
  • Undertaking stable duties
  • Fitting gear correctly
  • Lunging horses safely
  • Assisting with horse exercise work
  • Preparing horses for competition
  • Skills for handling horses for competition
  • Safe transportation of horses including loading and unloading

Course content

ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care is comprised of 14 units covering the principles of working in the equine and horse care industry. You will be required to study the units listed below:-

  • ACMEQU201 Work safely in industries with horses
  • ACMEQU202 Handle horses safely
  • ACMEQU203 Provide basic care of horses
  • ACMEQU204 Perform daily tasks in the horse industry
  • ACMEQU205 Apply knowledge of horse behaviour
  • ACMGAS202 Participate in workplace communications

You will also be required to study the following compulsory elective unit:-

  • ACMSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • ACMHBR203 Provide daily care for horses
  • ACMGEN309 Provide basic animal first aid
  • RGRHBR304 Assess suitability of horses for specific uses
  • ACMEQU210 Lunge educated horses
  • ACMEQU211 Prepare horses for competition, presentation or sale
  • ACMHBR201 Check and treat horses
  • AHCLSK211 Provide feed for livestock

Why choose our Online eLearning course for Horse Care?

  • Complete flexibility – you can start and study whenever you like to suit your lifestyle and commitments.
  • Professionally managed and delivered course – complete with online instructional videos and materials to help you understand and apply theory with ease.
  • Affordable, all inclusive monthly payment plan to help you manage your student fees.
  • This course will allow you to meet the prerequisite for AVT’s Veterinary Nursing course – you can gain your qualification in under 12 months and then apply for ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing to become a qualified veterinary nurse*.
  • This certificate increases your opportunities for employment in the horse care industry and gives recognition towards entry into further studies.

*Please note: Completion of this qualification meets the prerequisite for ACM40418 Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing. However, it does not guarantee you a place on one of our own courses. Due to high demand, our AVT selection criteria also apply. Please read full details on our Veterinary Nursing Course Entry page.

Nationally recognised animal care course in Australia NRT

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Fees & inclusions

Total course fees: $2,795*

Payable via our monthly payment plan. Initial payment of $265 plus 11 x $230 monthly payments and includes:-

  • Learning guides (Downloadable)
  • Textbooks (Downloadable)
  • Dedicated student support
  • One-on-one mentoring by AVT lecturers
  • Assessments and Certification
  • Practical training insurance
  • Work Placement Kit: AVT Polo Shirt, AVT Wind Stopper Jacket, Name Badge and Workbook

*Fees, inclusions and payment plan amounts are subject to change. If you decide to withdraw from study for any reason, refunds are not issued. Please see our policies page for full details.

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ACM20117 Certificate II in Horse Care has been superseded by a new course. Applications are currently closed whilst we work towards bringing new horse care course options.  Stay up to date with the latest by registering your interest below. 

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To receive a credit for a unit of competency that you have previously been awarded, you must be able to supply a verifiable Testamur (certificate) or Statement of Attainment obtained from the issuing provider.

A Testamur or Statement of Attainment must either contain the wording ‘The qualification is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework’ or the AQF logo authorised by the AQF Council.

A Record of Results or Statement of Academic Record by itself is not sufficient when applying for a credit transfer of a nationally recognised unit of competency.

If you do not have a copy of your Testamur or Statement of Attainment you are responsible for requesting a copy from the issuing provider, we are unable to do this on your behalf.

For more information about RPL see our frequently asked questions here.

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