Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians

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This edition provides practical theory for veterinary nursing students and covers a range of topics including:-

  • A review of the cardiovascular/respiratory physiology
  • Calculations used for the anaesthetist
  • Record keeping
  • Preparing for anaesthetic
  • Intravenous access
  • Airway maintenance
  • Equipment
  • Monitoring (ECG, Blood gases, pulse oximetry and temperature, blood pressure and end-tidal CO2.
  • Fluid therapy
  • Blood products
  • Premedication, sedation and induction drugs
  • Inhalant anaesthetics
  • Recovery, complications and emergencies
  • Small animal patients (ventilation)
  • Anaesthesia for a range of disease/disorders e.g. Opthalmology, Cardiac Disease, head trauma, renal disease, endocrine, liver diseases, geriatrics, birthing
  • Anaesthesia for exotics
  • Pain and management

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Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians is our current textbook for Veterinary Nursing students.

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