Opportunities for Workplace Employers, Organisations and Students

Providing students with practical training opportunities in the workplace

As part of meeting the criteria to award certification, students are required to gain exposure and experience in the Animal Care industry.  We refer to this as a work placement or workplace practical training.

To provide our students with the necessary skills needed to complete their qualifications we work closely with over 100 employers in Australia. These include:-

  • privately owned small and large animal veterinary practices,
  • corporately owned veterinary hospitals,
  • a range of pet-related businesses
  • animal welfare organisations and;
  • rehabilitation organisations.

Offering Work Placements in Veterinary Practice

Watch our video to learn more about work placement, what is involved, the mutual expectations of all parties, the benefits to a vet clinic or hospital, plus the steps you can take to offer a placement.

If your organisation is interested in assisting with practical training opportunities with our students, we encourage you to complete our form below. Our Student and Liaison Officer can assist you with more details including a downloadable information guide on providing work placement opportunities.

Offering Practical Training Opportunities in an Equine Facility

If you run an equine facility and are wondering how you can assist a horse care student, watch our video to learn more about practical training,

Providing employment opportunities to students and graduates

We pride ourselves on the continued high employment rate of our graduates.  There are several reasons for this including the quality of our training and the highly respected network of employers we work with.  In fact, we are proud to say, 90% of our graduates are employed or enrolled in further study after training (NCVER, 2019).

If you are looking for a graduate or a student in training to join your team, we encourage you to send your job advertisement to us using the form below. We share job vacancies with our students and graduates via our exclusive private Facebook groups.


AVT is 100% dedicated to providing nationally recognised qualifications in Animal Care. To find out more about us, we encourage you to visit this page.

Frequently Asked Workplace Employer Questions

Depending on the qualification selected by the individual, our students are equipped with anything from basic to advanced knowledge in their chosen area. Before coming to you they receive detailed information on expected workplace conduct. They also receive a practical skills workbook detailing expected learning outcomes from their workplace practical training hours with you. This workbook provides a guide to both you and the student of the types of things you will ultimately mentor the student to do. You will be asked to sign off on the workbook checklists during the course of the student’s practical training.

We encourage our students to ‘drive’ their own training. This means they present their workbooks to their supervisor at every appropriate opportunity to review and mentor their required practical skills.

We encourage you to treat an AVT student like a newly employed trainee vet nurse – the more time you invest in the student in the beginning, the easier it will be to make them a very useful individual in a short space of time and make them a valuable and useful “extra pair of hands” to have in your workplace.

Need more information? You can request our Supervisor Practical Training Guide by contacting the AVT Student and Industry Liaison Officer.

To contact the Student and Industry Liaison Officer, please complete the form below.

If you are an Owner/Manager of a vet or pet related business organisation, we encourage you to contact our Student and Industry Liaison Officer using the form below.

Yes you can, in fact many of our students are employed either during their work placement or after.

We have an amazing pool of talented individuals studying with us. If you are an employer we would be more than happy to share a job advert with our students and guide you with suggestions.

We encourage our supporting workplaces to treat our students as a member of the team, not only from a training and mentoring perspective but but also if any issues arise.

If you are experiencing problems with an AVT student, we ask that you approach the student and explain the issues and consequences where appropriate. Issues should then be relayed to our Student and Industry Liaison Officer.

We endeavour to support our students throughout their course but we also want to provide as much support as we can to our partnering workplaces and work together towards a positive outcome.

How can we assist you?

Submit your job advertisement, offer a student a work placement or find out more information about working with our students using this form.