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What others are saying about AVT courses

Alison M April 2019

Having had no animal learning before, I find this course brilliant with clear concise notes, knowledgeable lecturers and RSPCA staff, and especially having the day at the RSPCA is extremely beneficial. Hands on learning and getting interaction with animals is a great help in learning handling behaviours.

Abby G April 2019

This course has taught me the basic care of animals and about animal health in general. This course allows people to get hands on experience and lecturers to provide practical care to animals. Thus; others with an interest in animals will gain and have a positive outcome to the course, alike to me.

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Supportive and Safe Learning

Your on-site training is under the supervision of our team. You will be studying amongst like-minded students who are also passionate about animal care.

Dedicated Animal Care College

AVT has been training Animal Care and Vet Nursing students for over 20 years. No plumbing courses here!

Prerequisite for Vet Nursing

This nationally recognised qualification meets the prerequisite for the certification in veterinary nursing.